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Baubridge & Kay is a specialist shirt maker of the world’s finest business shirt - the traditional English, Jermyn Street shirt.

Jermyn Street, located in London’s Mayfair, is famous for a shirt making tradition that goes back more than 150 years and has always been a destination for connoisseurs of fine shirts.

Baubridge & Kay is one of the few shirt makers remaining in the world who faithfully cut and stitch fabric according to the meticulous methods of the old Jermyn Street tailors, as this is the only way to make a shirt that is flawless in fit and proportionally correct to the eye.

Faithfully following the tried-and-true precision tailoring of this famous shirt making tradition, Baubridge & Kay have re-minted classical Jermyn Street shirts to be fresh, innovative and exciting, in fabric designs created by Baubridge & Kay that interpret to perfection, the traditional and ever so understated eccentricity of British shirt wearing excellence.

Baubridge & Kay is an authentic shirt maker with an international shirt making operation which makes for Jermyn Street’s finest shirt retailers. In contradistinction to retailers who deal with middlemen and know nothing about and care nothing for manufacture, Baubridge & Kay understands shirt making on all levels, from fabric weaving and design to making the shirt. We understand and have control over costs and quality which is strikingly apparent at the customer end, where the rewards of being product focused allow us to provide outstanding value for money; price points at least one half of what you would expect to normally pay for luxury shirts made of superfine, high yarn-count, pure Supima cotton fabrics.